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Gold Coast Mattress Cleaning – Benefits of Mattress Cleaning

You sleep on it every night but how clean is your mattress?  Your bed can accumulate large amounts of dirt and debris that regular cleaning can’t remove.  Gold Coast mattress cleaners, All Carpet Cleansing, will professionally clean your mattress making it look like new and give you a healthier night sleep.

Benefits of Professional Mattress Cleaning

#1 – Healthier indoor air quality

The average adult requires 8 hours of sleep a day, which equals 1/3 or your lifetime and gives a very good reason to maintain health indoor air quality in your bedroom. When you turn in your bed at night, it stirs up fine dust particles from the mattress that you can breathe in. Those dust particles can lead to poor indoor air quality that causes health issues such as throat and eye irritation, sneezing, upper respiratory congestion, watery eyes and fatigue.

#2 – Allergy management

House dust mites live mainly in mattresses, and they’re a highly common trigger for allergy issues including asthma, eczema and rhinitis. Removing house mites and dust from mattresses reduces their presence and doctors recommend regular mattress cleaning for their allergy patients because they often have bad allergy attacks while sleeping as their bodies react to the dust mites in the mattress. Minimizing contact with the allergens can reduce allergy triggers that could lead to a more serious health condition.

#3 – Peace of mind

Having a clean, hygienic mattress to sleep on can help you rest easier with greater peace of mind. You know you’re not sleeping on a mattress filled with kilograms of dust particles, dead skin flakes and millions of dust mites. A quality night’s sleep helps improve emotional wellness and physical health, so a clean mattress is good for your wellbeing.

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